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Since 1st March 2020 payment by check will no longer be possible due to new bank regulations.

Due to an increase in complaints about lost packages we have following changes:
  • Starting April 2020 shipment to Germany by TNT Express.
  • Starting May 2020 shipment to all other EU countries by TNT Express
    (except EFTA-countries).
Please see shipping cost under

New Products

May 2020: 

Purified Guinea pig antibody against MCT4


Purified rabbit antibody against Synaptobrevin 2


Polyclonal Guinea pig antibody against Neurofilament L


Recombinant rabbit antibody against CB1-R


Purified chicken antibody against Aquaporin 4


Recombinant Guinea pig antibody against VGLUT 2


Recombinant rabbit antibody against VGLUT 1


Recombinant rabbit antibody against Parvalbumin


Polyclonal rabbit antibody against GLUT3


Monoclonal mouse antibody against RIM 1



April 2020: 

Recombinant rabbit antibody against Synaptophysin 1


Recombinant rabbit antibody against Synapsin 1


Recombinant rabbit antibody against VGLUT 2


Recombinant rabbit antibody against GluA



March 2020: 

Recombinant Guinea pig antibody against VGAT


Monoclonal rat antibody against CD4


Polyclonal Guinea pig antibody against DOPA decarboxylase


Recombinant rabbit antibody against Glycine receptor alpha 1


Polyclonal rabbit antibody against TMEM 119


Polyclonal rabbit antibody against DAP 4


Polyclonal rabbit antibody against RIM 1/2



details ...

Tailor-made Antibodies for the
Neuroscientist & Cellbiologist

Synaptic Systems strives to provide you with the best antibodies in neuroscience and cell biology. Most antibodies are exclusively available from Synaptic Systems and have been developed in-house in close collaboration with renowned experts in the field. Our antibodies are well characterized and known for their excellent quality. We are constantly adding new products and offer attractive licensing conditions.


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