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New Products

April 2019: 


Guinea Pig Antibody against CD 11c

Rabbit Antibody against FTO

Rat Antibody against CD 3e 
Guinea Pig Antibody against Brn 3a 

March 2019: 


Guinea Pig Antibody against Ribeye A domain 

Rat Antibody against CD 45R 

Rabbit Antibody against RNF 126

Rabbit MAB against VGAT

Mouse Antibody against RFP 

Chicken Antibody against AChE

Chicken Antibody against CNP 1 

Rat Antibody against CD 4 

Rat Antibody against CD 8

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Tailor-made Antibodies for the
Neuroscientist & Cellbiologist

Synaptic Systems strives to provide you with the best antibodies in neuroscience and cell biology. Most antibodies are exclusively available from Synaptic Systems and have been developed in-house in close collaboration with renowned experts in the field. Our antibodies are well characterized and known for their excellent quality. We are constantly adding new products and offer attractive licensing conditions.

pAbmAbs collaboration

To introduce and celebrate our new collaboration with pAbmAbs we will start a competition to win a 500,-€ Amazon Gift Card.
Please click on the pAbmAbs Logo for details.


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