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Collagen type IV antibody - 462 004

Collagen type IV is a basement membrane protein
Guinea pig polyclonal antiserum
Cat. No.: 462 004
Amount: 100 µl
Price: $365.00
Cat. No. 462 004 100 µl antiserum, lyophilized. For reconstitution add 100 µl H2O, then aliquot and store at -20°C until use.
Antibodies should be stored at +4°C when still lyophilized. Do not freeze!
WB: 1 : 1000 (AP-staining) gallery  
IP: not tested yet
ICC: not tested yet
IHC: 1 : 250 up to 1 : 1000 (see remarks) gallery  
IHC-P: 1 : 500 up to 1 : 100 (see remarks) gallery  
IHC-Fr: 1 : 500 up to 1 : 1000 (see remarks) gallery  
Immunogen human heterotrimeric Collagen type IV containing two α 1-like (UniProt Id: P02462) and one α 2-like (UniProt Id: P08572) chains. (UniProt Id: xxx)
Reactivity Reacts with: mouse (P02463), rat (F1MA59), human (P02462), human (P08572), mouse (P08122), rat (F1M6Q3).
Other species not tested yet.

IHC: antigen retrieval (0.2 mg/ml pepsin in 0.2 M HCl for 20 min at 37 °C) is recommended.
IHC-P: strong antigen retrieval is necessary
-  e.g.: antigen retrieval with Tris- EDTA buffer pH 9.0 in a food steamer followed with pepsin antigen retrieval or an antigen retrieval in a pressure cooker
IHC-Fr: PFA fixation is recommended.

Data sheet 462_004.pdf
Cat. No.: 462 004
Amount: 100 µl
Price: $365.00

Type IV collagen is a unique member of the large collagen superfamily which in vertebrates comprises 28 different types. Unlike most collagens, type IV collagen occurs only in the basement membranes (BMs) and comprises up to six genetically distinct α-chains designated α1(IV) to α6(IV). Out of many potential combinations, the chains interact and assemble with a remarkable specificity to form only three distinct heterotrimers of α1α1α2, α3α4α5, and α5α5α6 (1). It has been shown that ablation of COL4 α 1/2 results in abnormal BM structure and embryonic lethality at E10.5–E11.5, although BM formation during early development is unaffected (2).