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Synapsin 1

Peripheral synaptic vesicle proteins; substrate for several protein kinases

General Information

Synapsins are neuron-specific phosphoproteins that are exclusively associated with small synaptic vesicles, with little or no expression in other tissues including neuroendocrine cells. In mammals, three distinct synapsin genes (synapsin 1, 2, and 3) encode more than eight neuronal isoforms.
Synapsin 1 is one of the most specific markers of synapses throughout the central and peripheral nervous system. In addition to synaptic nerve terminals, the protein is also present in certain sensory nerve endings. It is expressed in two splice variants (synapsin 1a and synapsin 1b). Synapsin 1 interacts with vesicle membranes as well as with actin and spectrin.
Synapsin 2 is expressed in the nervous system and also two splice variants were described so far, while synapsin 3 shows a more restricted expression pattern and is mainly found in the hypocampus.
Synapsins are major phosphoproteins and are substrates for several protein kinases such as PKA, CaMK I and CaMK II. Synapsin 1 is widely used as reference substrate for calmodulin-dependent protein kinases.
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