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Rab 3

Major rab protein in brain; highly enriched on synaptic vesicles

General Information

Rab 3 is a member of the Rab protein family that belongs to the ras-related superfamily of small monomeric GTPases. Four related isoforms of Rab 3 are known (Rab 3a, 3b, 3c, and 3d). Rab 3a and 3c are predominantly expressed in neurons and neuroendocrine cells where they are localized to synaptic vesicles. Unlike the integral membrane proteins of synaptic vesicles, Rab 3a/c is absent from the Golgi complex and thus does not result in immunostaining of the axo-dendritic region as sometimes seen with e.g. synaptophysin, synaptobrevin/VAMP, or synaptogyrin.
Rab 3b and 3d are expressed in non-neuronal tissues such as adipocytes and the exocrine pancreas (3d). It has been shown that overexpression of Rab 3 inhibits Ca2+ regulated excocytosis and converts it into an constitutive Ca2+ independent exocytosis mechanism.
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