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mCLING labeling kit - 710-MCK

A fixable membrane probe for high resolution microscopy

565.00 USD
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Cat. No. 710-MCK Content:
710-MCK A: unlabeled mCling, 50 nmol (lyophilized)
710-MCK B: mCLING purification column
710-MCK C: Washing buffer, 10 ml
710-MCK D: Stop solution, 0.5 ml
710-MCK E: Elution buffer, 1 ml
710-MCK F: Neutralization buffer, 0.5 ml
Instruction manual
Storage All components of the kit are stable at 2-8°C.
Shelf life before use: 6 months.
Applications WB: (see remarks)
ICC: yes
IHC: yes

WB: Due to the positive charge of mCLING, negatively charged coatings of cover-slips should be avoided. We recommend a positively charged coating like poly-L-lysine (PLL). mCLING is a fixable dye but paraformaldehyde alone is not able to fix this molecule sufficiently. Therefore, a mixture of 4 %paraformaldehyde (PFA) and 0.2 % glutaraldehyde is strongly advised. For detailed protocols see Revelo NH & Rizzoli SO, 2016.

Datasheet 710-mck.pdf

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References for mCLING labeling kit - 710-MCK

Dense small molecule labeling enables activator-dependent STORM by proximity mapping.
Chen Y, Gu M, Gunning PW, Russell SM
Histochemistry and cell biology (2016) 1463: 255-66. 710-MCK ICC; tested species: human
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