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Amphiphysin peptide - 120-0P

Amphiphysin is a nerve-terminal protein that binds clathrin, dynamin, and synaptojanin
control peptide
Cat. No.: 120-0P
Amount: 100 µg
Price: $105.00
Cat. No. 120-0P 100 µg peptide, lyophilized. For reconstitution add 100 µl H2O to get a 1mg/ml solution in PBS. Then aliquot and store at -20°C to -80°C until use.
Control peptides should be stored at -20°C when still lyophilized!
Immunogen Synthetic peptide corresponding to AA 2 to 15 from rat Amphiphysin (UniProt Id: O08838)
Recommended dilution Optimal concentrations should be determined by the end-user.
Matching antibodies 120 002, 120 003

This control peptide consists of the synthetic peptide (ADIKTGIFAKNVQK) that has been used for immunization. It has been tested in preadsorption experiments and blocks efficiently and specifically the corresponding signal in Western blots. The amount of peptide needed for efficient blocking depends on the titer and on the affinity of the antibody to the antigen.

Data sheet 120-0p.pdf
Cat. No.: 120-0P
Amount: 100 µg
Price: $105.00

Amphiphysin, a dominant autoantigen in paraneoplastic Stiff-man syndrome, is a neuronal protein highly concentrated in nerve terminals. It is an abundant presynaptic protein that interacts via its COOH-terminal src homology 3 (SH3) domain with the GTPase dynamin and the inositol-5-phosphatase synaptojanin and additionally directly to clathrin.
Amphiphysin, dynamin and synaptojanin have a putative role in synaptic vesicle recycling and undergo rapid dephosphorylation in synaptosomes stimulated by a depolarizing stimulus. Two isoforms are known which seem to act in concert as a heterodimer.