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Ubiquitin pan Selector affinity resin - N2510

The Ubiquitin pan selector specifically recognizes the ubiquitin irrespective of its linkage to other subunits or its multimeric state.
Camelid single domain affinity resin
Cat. No.: N2510
Amount: 2000 µl
Price: $325.00
Cat. No. N2510

2000 µL slurry

Storage Store at 4 °C, do not freeze
IP: yes (see remarks)
Specificity ubiquitin, monomeric or any polyubiquitins
Formulation 50 % slurry in PBS containing 20 % Ethanol
Shelf life Stable for 12 months

IP: The NanoTag IP-protocol for selector resins is a good starting point. Further optimization may be necessary.

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Cat. No.: N2510
Amount: 2000 µl
Price: $325.00