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Ubiquitin K63 Selector affinity resin - N1910

The Ubiquitin K63 Selector specifically recognizes the lysine 63 linkages in polyubiquitin and will only precipitate polyubiquitin chains when this particular linkage is present.
Camelid single domain affinity resin
Cat. No.: N1910
Amount: 2000 µl
Price: $325.00
Cat. No. N1910

2000 µL slurry

Storage Store at 4 °C, do not freeze
IP: yes (see remarks)
Specificity Recognizes K63-linkage of polyubiquitins
Formulation 50 % slurry in PBS containing 20 % Ethanol
Shelf life Stable for 12 months

IP: The NanoTag IP-protocol for selector resins is a good starting point. Further optimization may be necessary.

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Cat. No.: N1910
Amount: 2000 µl
Price: $325.00