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VDAC1 antibody - 279 003

VDAC1 is a pore forming transmembrane protein
Rabbit polyclonal purified antibody
Cat. No.: 279 003
Amount: 50 µg
Price: $375.00
Cat. No. 279 003 50 µg specific antibody, lyophilized. Affinity purified with the immunogen. Albumin was added for stabilization. For reconstitution add 50 µl H2O to get a 1mg/ml solution in PBS. Then aliquot and store at -20°C to -80°C until use.
Antibodies should be stored at +4°C when still lyophilized. Do not freeze!
WB: 1 : 1000 (AP staining) gallery  
IP: not tested yet
ICC: not recommended
IHC: not recommended
IHC-P: not tested yet
Immunogen Synthetic peptide corresponding to AA 15 to 29 from mouse VDAC1 (UniProt Id: Q60932-1)
Reactivity Reacts with: rat (Q9Z2L0), mouse (Q60932).
Other species not tested yet.
Specificity Due to sequence homologies, probably crossreacts with VDAC 2 and 3
Matching control protein/peptide 279-0P
Data sheet 279_003.pdf
Cat. No.: 279 003
Amount: 50 µg
Price: $375.00
Voltage-dependent anion channels (VDACs), also known as porins, are integral membrane proteins which form a channel that allows diffusion of small hydrophilic molecules. Three closely related isoforms, VDAC 1, 2 and 3 have been described, so far.
VDACs have been originally identified as components of the outer mitochondrial membrane but they also occur in the plasma membrane of different cell types.