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TRIM 9 - 181 003

A SNAP 25 interaction partner
Polyclonal rabbit purified antibody
Cat. No.: 181 003
Amount: 50 µg
Price: $370.00
Cat. No. 181 003 50 µg specific antibody, lyophilized. Affinity purified with the immunogen. Albumin was added for stabilization. For reconstitution add 50 µl H2O to get a 1mg/ml solution in PBS. Then aliquot and store at -20°C to -80°C until use.
Applications WB: 1 : 1000 (AP staining) gallery  
IP: not tested yet
ICC: not tested yet
IHC: not tested yet
IHC-P/FFPE: not tested yet
Immunogen Recombinant protein corresponding to AA 1 to 250 from human TRIM9 (UniProt Id: Q9C026)
Reactivity Reacts with: human (Q9C026), rat (Q91ZY8), mouse (Q8C7M3), cow.
Other species not tested yet.
Specificity Specific for TRIM 9.
Data sheet 181_003.pdf
Cat. No.: 181 003
Quantity: 50 µg
Price: $370.00

TRIM 9, also referred to as Spring, is a member of the tripartite motif protein family. These proteins are composed of three zinc-binding domains, a RING, a B-box type 1, a B-box type 2 and a coiled-coil region. Proteins belonging to this large family are involved in cellular processes ranging from cell-growth and development to the regulation of fusion events necessary for exocytosis.
TRIM 9 is expressed selectively in the adult and embryonic nervous system and has been implicated in the regulation of synaptic vesicle exocytosis via SNAP 25 interaction. Several splice variant with molecular weights from 60 - 80 kDa have been described.