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Bassoon protein - 141-0P

Bassoon is a large multi-domain protein of the presynaptic active zone
control protein
Cat. No.: 141-0P
Amount: 100 µg
Price: $90.00
Cat. No. 141-0P 100 µg protein, lyophilized. For reconstitution add 100 µl H2O to get a 1mg/ml solution in TBS. Then aliquot and store at -20°C to -80°C until use.
Immunogen Recombinant protein corresponding to AA 3608 to 3938 from rat Bassoon (UniProt Id: O88778)
Recommended dilution Optimal concentrations should be determined by the end-user.
Matching antibodies 141 002, 141 011, 141 021

This control protein consists of the recombinant protein that has been used for immunization. It has been tested in preadsorption experiments and blocks efficiently and specifically the corresponding signal in Western blots. The amount of protein needed for efficient blocking depends on the titer and on the affinity of the antibody to the antigen.

Data sheet 141-0p.pdf
Cat. No.: 141-0P
Quantity: 100 µg
Price: $90.00

Bassoon is a large protein which consists of an N-terminal Zn2+ finger and several piccolo-bassoon homology domains (PBH-domains). It is generally found together with piccolo, a related huge multi-domain protein of the CAZ (cytoskeletal matrix assembled at active zones).
Bassoon was suggested to be a scaffolding element of the presynapse but deletion experiments in mice have shown that bassoon is also involved in synaptic vesicle cycling. Probably bassoon interacts with other protein factors via its Zn2+ domain but the potential partners have not been determined yet.