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We want your feedback!

We are happy to announce that Synaptic Systems has started a collaboration with pAbmAbs in order to promote transparency and scientific reproducibility within the world of antibodies!

pAbmAbs is an independent, non-commercial antibody review platform that helps researchers to navigate through the world of antibodies to find the best suited antibody for their approach.

To introduce and celebrate the new collaboration we will have a competition to win a 500,-€ Amazon Gift Card.
For every Synaptic Systems antibody a researcher reviews on the pAbmAbs web site pAbmAbs will generate a lottery ticket.
For any Synaptic Systems antibody not yet reviewed on pAbmAbs you can receive a free sample (excluding transport) to test and rate on Send an email to with the subject “Sample for pAbmAbs review”.
The competition and the free sample action will end 31st of May 2019 and pAbmAbs will draw the lucky winner from all participants.

Most research labs spend a lot of money on antibodies that do not perform as promised. Wasting money, time and valuable samples are some of many annoying consequences to be mentioned. An even more serious problem is the generation of faulty, misleading data that guides the researcher and the scientific community into the wrong direction, causing even more money and time to be spent on research built on artifacts. The reproducibility crisis biological science is facing at the moment is also partially due to antibodies with poor specificity or unwanted variability.
We believe that only a collaborative and open minded approach of researchers and antibody suppliers can improve this situation and the overall quality of research antibodies.

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