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Antibody Labeling

Primary fluorescence labeled antibodies allow the usage of several antibodies from the same species in one staining reaction since no secondary detection reagents are required. For biotinylated antibodies alternative secondary reagents like fluochromated avidin or streptavidin can be used.

Synaptic Systems offers the labeling of antibodies with biotin or fluorescent dyes:
- Oyster® 488, Oyster® 500, Oyster® 550, Oyster® 650; details.
- ATTO® 550, ATTO® 565, ATTO® 590 (suitable for STED microscopy), ATTO® 647N (suitable for STED microscopy), ATTO® 665; details.
- Chromeo® dyes; details.
- Mega Stokes DY-XL® dyes; details.
- CypHer5E; details.

Antibodies for labeling must be provided in a purified form with a concentration of 1 mg/ml or higher without stabilizing proteins (BSA, gelatine, etc.). A minimal total amount of 0,5 mg of antibody is required.
Synaptic Systems can carry out the purification for you as well.
Sometimes the binding sites of antibodies contain lysines that preferentially react with the dye during the coupling reaction resulting in a loss of reactivity. To avoid these undesired events, Synaptic Systems has developed a special technique to protect the antibody binding site during the coupling process.

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