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Glycine receptor

An inhibitory receptor in the nervous system

Available Products

Cat. No. Antigen Product Applications Clone Qty. USD

146 011 Glycine receptor mouse monoclonal, purified IgG, unlabeled WB IP ICC IHC IHC-P ELISA mAb4a 100µg 415.00
146 011BT Glycine receptor mouse monoclonal, purified IgG, biotin-labeled WB IP ICC IHC ELISA mAb4a 100µg 465.00
146 008 Glycine receptor rabbit monoclonal, purified IgG WB ICC IHC IHC-P RbmAb4a 50µg 415.00
146 308 Glycine receptor Guinea pig monoclonal, purified IgG WB IHC GpmAb4a 50µg 415.00
146 111 Glycine receptor α 1 mouse monoclonal, purified IgG IP ICC IHC EM mAb2b 100µg 415.00
146 003 Glycine receptor α 1 rabbit polyclonal, affinity purified WB IHC 50µg 370.00
146 211 Glycine receptor β mouse monoclonal, purified IgG ICC IHC 299E7 100µg 415.00

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