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Bank Transfer:
Bank details are given on the invoice. We kindly ask all European customers to use this mode of payment with SWIFT/BIC and IBAN.

US customers can use the following bank details:

Name of Bank Deutsche Bank AG Goettingen
Branch Address Zindelstr. 3-5
37073 Goettingen
Swift Code DEUTDE2H260
IBAN no. DE16 2607 0072 0049 3080 00
Intermediary Bank Deutsche Bank AG, New York
Fedwire ABA 026003780

Please note that Third Party bank fees are not accepted. If they are charged, we have to add it to the invoice.

Due to new bank regulations, payment by check will no longer be possible.

Orders with credit card payment are only possible via our webshop.

Please make sure that your card can be used for international purchases and can be charged from abroad.